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Letters of Recommendation

Copies of all letters of recommendation are located in our Letters Directory



 I am writing this letter in support of the succcessful effort put forth on our behalf by Mesa Pacific and specifically for the work done by William Ray.  We listed the property  with a nationally recognized real estate agency.  The property did not sell.  Frustrated and disappointed after our six month contract expired, we contacted Mesa Pacific. He came in with a positive attitude and many great new ideas to prepare the property for sale.  We also were excited about the opportunity to save substantial money on the commission rate they asked for.  Our property was sold in 30 days after signing with Mesa Pacific and for the amount we had originally targeted.

Lee Gotcher


March 2nd, 2014

My Dad had good experiences with Mesa Pacific, having been involved in two mortgage loans, a sale of his residence, and purchase of another. So he recommended I use their services for purchasing our home and obtain a mortgage loan.  We compared mortgage prices and Mesa Pacific beat others by far in rate and cost.  Bill Ray helped us locate and negotiate the purchase of the home at a price under the appraised value, and provided a cash rebate at close in the amount of $4,100.  We are using this cash to install high grade wood flooring throughout. All of the details of the purchase and processing of the mortgage were handled in a professional manner, so I highly recommend Mesa Pacific. 

John Mercer Jr.


June 25, 2014

 To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to recommend the services of Bill Ray at Mesa Pacific, who assisted me in selling my home on Brian Way in El Cajon, and purchasing a replacement property.  Bill Ray made me an offer I could hardly refuse using his no cost listing program, which saved me some $13,000 in listing fees other brokerage firms would have charged.  After receiving multiple offers, we were in escrow within 10 days of the listing on an offer at the high end of value at $525,000.  We found a replacement property that fit all of the criteria I was seeking, and closed on this home in 30 days.  Mesa Pacific also provided very competitive mortgage pricing and all went well in the financing.  After the close on my replacement property, I received a full refund on the listing fees, which was a bargain to begin with at 1.5%.  Bill explained that because Mesa Pacific is compensated by the seller on the replacement property, there is a sufficient profit to be made here that allows him to provide a full refund of the listing fees.

John Mercer


May 14th, 2014
Bill Ray was absolutely invaluable when it came time to sell my mother's rental property.  My mother had passed away and I live a considerable distance from the area.  Bill is very knowledgeable about the local real estate market and was able to provide me with the information I needed to make necessary decisions.  I listed the property with Bill and have been really happy with that choice.  The property was in really bad shape and needed a lot of work. Bill went way above and beyond what he needed to do in order to help prepare the property for sale.  He researched contractors, obtained estimates, and oversaw the repairs.  Bill continually sent me photos and updates, so I was well informed every step of the way.  Bill found a great buyer for the property and made the entire process very simple for me.  I know I wouldn't have done nearly as well without him and it would've required a lot more effort on my part.  I am very grateful to Bill for all he did.
Lani Christianson

July 25th, 2013
To Whom It May Concern:

"We purchased our home in beautiful Eucalyptus Hills and would like to recommend Bill Ray of Mesa Pacific Mortgage to anyone seeking the best mortgage pricing and professional services.   We received a VA loan quote from our credit union and Bill´s pricing beat the credit union by $6000.  In fact, the lender credits through his wholesale mortgage company paid all of our closing costs and tax & insurance impounds, so we ended up paying nothing out of pocket, and received our deposit back at close-- and all on a 30yr. fixed-rate loan at 3.25%."


Jake & Bess Townsend

"It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for William Ray of Mesa Pacific Mortgage Company. 

From start to finish of buying our new home Bill has been qualified and supportive.  His experience in the real estate business has allowed us to feel at ease.  Bill is a very effective communicator and with his full understanding of the real estate business walked us through each step of the purchasing process.  Also Bill's knowledge and demeanor during interaction with the selling agent provided a very smooth and expedient 45 day escrow period. 

The significant rebate Mesa Pacific Mortgage offers as an incentive to utilize their services made the myriad of closing costs and fees considerably less of a a burden on our purchasing bottom line.

We would highly recommend Mesa Pacific Mortgage to our family and friends who might need an efficient professional to help them purchase a home." 

Jim & Rosi Susalla

Dear Bill:

Just a short note to compliment you on your professionism, knowledge of your trade, and the excellent customer service you provide.  You have been a great help to my family.  The two loans reduced our household debt by $1500/mo. and one loan was a "no closing cost" at 4% on a 30yr. fixed.  I would recommend your services to anyone and would gladly work with you again in the future. Thank you

Andrea Marone 


"Bill Ray of Mesa Pacific has my total support and recommendation for any real estate/mortgage services you may need.  I asked him to represent a house and property which was in Trust for my siblings and I after our Father passed away.  The house was an older home, but in a very exclusive area and ready to move in.  We had it on the market previously for 6 months with a different Realtor.  Unfortunately, I realized now how inexperienced that realtor was in addition to listing us too high over appraisal.  In this economy and because of the housing problems in California, it was the wrong way to go.  We had absolutely no activity during that 6 month period.


When I first contacted Bill, I was amazed by the amount of reports he sent me, concerning the market, property comparisons, activity in the area, etc.  He sold me from the start! 

I was overwhelmed with information which was totally opposite from what the previous realtor had done.  He thoroughly went over the appraisal and found some mistakes, made changes and even developed room addition and remodeling ideas for upgrading the home.  I thought that was such a wonderful idea because it gave the potential buyers a visual on how easy with very little cost it would be if they wanted to upgrade.


Within 41 days, the house was sold. I felt that Bill gave us so much personal time on this property I just couldn´t have been more pleased.  He was in touch with me almost daily, and every weekend I received details from his open houses.  His fees were discounted (we saved approximately $10,000), but his services were not.  He was professional and detailed oriented throughout the entire process."


Diane Consalvo

To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend Mesa Pacific´s services for anyone seeking  professional real estate and mortgage services at bargain prices.   When I started to investigate the listing of my residence on Delphinus Way, I was facing listing fees from $10,000 to $15,000.   Bill Ray made me an offer I could hardly refuse.  He cut the listing fees basically in half, and then promised to rebate the entire amount when I bought a replacement property in San Diego, provided it was a listed property in San Diego County.     After just 10 days on the market, MPM delivered a buyer that paid top price for my property ($5000 above appraised value).    After several months searching for the right property, we just now closed on our new residence at a price $18,000 below appraised value, and I received the agreed upon cash rebate; so my listing charges were zero.    Bill handled all of the details and both transactions went smoothly and closed in a timely manner.

Derek Punch

I would like to recommend Bill Ray of Mesa Pacific for your home purchase needs.  My wife and I recently relocated to San Diego and searched for a reputable compay to help us locate and finance our purchase.  Not familar with the area, we decided a native San Diegan and owner of a local business for over 25 years was a good choice. Bill took the necessary time to show us different areas of San Diego and over 30 properties that fit our requirements.  In addition, the cash discounts he offered on the purchase and the loan were very attractive. 

In the end, we located a beautiful property and he guided us every step of the way when requested.  His recommendations and knowledge of the local market proved quite valuable. The entire process was handled in a very professional manner, meeting all of our expectations.  I highly recommend Bill to facilitate all of your real estate purchasing needs.

Jerry Volkin
The former President of the Orange County Mortgage Banker's Association, James R. West:"I have known and worked with Bill Ray and Mesa Pacific Mortgage as one of his primary lenders for over six years. Having done business with thousands of brokers throughout the Western United States, "I have a lot to compare Mesa Pacific Mortgage within our industry. I feel Bill and his company are certainly within the top 5% of the mortgage brokerage community. Bill is knowledgeable and thorough in his processing and funding of quality loans. His fees charged to his customers are very fair and well deserved for the excellent job he does for his customers . . ."

The Former President of Valle de Oro Bank, Bill Ehlen:"I have known William Ray for ten years...Mr. Ray has always approached me and others with whom he has dealt with a high degree of honesty and integrity. He has always displayed an appropriated amount of concern for his clients to ensure that their best interests are kept close at hand. He is very service oriented, and takes the time necessary to provide his clients with the best product possible. Mr. Ray has built his reputation on service and integrity...Financial representatives like him are hard to find."  
Bob Davenport, Former Vice-president, Grossmont Bank: "I have had the pleasure of knowing and doing business with Bill Ray for the past six years . . Bill's honesty and integrity are of the highest caliber and I recommend him without reservation."  
Owner/Broker of Trafficanti & Associates, Charlene M. Holt: "I would like to share an important resource with you for your mortgage needs. For a number of years now I've been working with Bill Ray of Mesa Pacific Mortgage for many of my client's mortgage needs. Bill has successfully handled loans for my clients from less than $50,000 to more than $1,400,000. In every case, he has consistently demonstrated the same courtesy and professionalism. Everyone has always been pleased when they have chosen to work with Bill. He has provided them with the highest level of service. On every occasion, they have thanked me for suggesting him as a source for mortgage funds.
Importantly, you can count on Bill To work Positively and HONESTY with everyone. Before working with Bill, I sometimes had clients disappointed because their expectations were not met. Promised programs were not available or points changed at the last minute. Bill works closely with clients to be sure that they understand all aspects of the mortgage choices available to them. There are no last minute surprises with Bill . . ."

I have had numerous occasions in the past where the mortgage company would say one thing and fail to deliver at the end.  Bill Ray at Mesa Pacific Mortgage pre-approved my request within a few short hours, presented the pre-approved loan summary at the beginning, locked in the rate, and delivered it in less than 30 days.   I highly recommend his services. 


 David Birch Owner/Broker Innovative LTC Solutions.
"Hello Bill. We just got back from our new house in Santa Cruz.  It is a beauty.  We woke up this morning to the headline news that Santa Cruz home prices met an all- time high at $603,000.  We made it under the wire.  Thank you for your prompt advising and timely responses.  You made it all possible!  You are the greatest.  You are a master at what you do!  It is a pleasure working with a professional such as yourself."  Sincerely, Julie Hinze

Thank you Bill for helping us sell our condo.  You asked us how fast we need to sell.  Because of our pending purchase, we needed to be in escrow within 60 days.  We were there in 40 days. Pretty amazing the "no cost listing program" you have.  You provided us with a competitively price loan, and waived your fee.  Like you said, its one project, and sellers really only need one project manager.  Sincerely, Lisa Bowling.
One behalf of our family trust, I want to thank you for helping negotiate the sale of our commercial building.  It seemed that we were going nowhere fast in a conflict with the buyer over the sales price.  By putting an amendment in escrow for a price that would mollify both parties, and asking them to sign it, it took the personal resentments out of the settlement.  We will be looking forward to your services on another building in the near future.  
P. Martin 
Thank you for locating the perfect property that fit our needs and helping us sell our home.  We needed a smaller home, and a low mortgage that we could payoff in 5 years.  The database search for a single-story unit and garage showed that builders don't build condos this way-- but you found it.  Navigating the sale of our property with a buyer that their lender said was  qualified, then didn't, then needed to sell their home was rough but you stayed on top of things to get it through.  Thanks again.
Cathy H.



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