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FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 4.72%, up .22% from July's average but still nearly 3/4% below the level of rate increases that followed in June after Fed attempt at quantitative tightening to rein in inflation.  But where Feds fail, Congress succeeds by fiat, (fiat: [noun] a command or act of will that creates something without... further effort. Latin for "let it be done,").  This Congressional hat trick is performed with the creation of even more new fiat Dollars, which is the root cause of inflation to begin with, and testing the IQ of citizens, dare call the bill The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.  So, in line with Pharoah Ramses famous quote of ancient times, "so it is written, so it is done."  Of course, names can be deceiving and have opposite effects, like the Affordable Healthcare Act, where premiums more than doubled. Then there was the Patriot Act, which gave government new abilities for NSA to monitor and spy on Americans and impose travel sanctions in the guise of monitoring alleged terrorists.  Even the Congressional Budget Office said the impact on budget deficit reduction was a drop in the bucket: CBO estimates that enacting this legislation would result in a net decrease in the deficit totaling $102 billion over the 2022-2031 period.  That's a measly $10.2 billion per year while deficits are in the trillions per year ($2.8 trillion in 2021).  This new bill part of the "build back better" theme adds 87,000 new IRS agents, fully armed with Congressional funding of some $700,000 in ammo alone for the IRS, which prompted a new bill by the opposition called Disarm the IRS Act.  At the added cost of $45.6 billion, does Congress plan on collecting more than the increased cost?  Clearly, this build back better Congress and Admin sees small and mid-sized businesses as annoying political opponents, tagging them

 with a minimum tax, profit or no profit, all the while funding Ukraine with over $6.5 billion and U.S. homeless citizens line the streets, and illegals overrun the border.  Need new jobs data to beat back recession talk and propel the markets into the upcoming elections?  Simply ignore the Household Survey on employment which includes self-employed that showed over 160,000 job losses since March, and tinker with the Labor Department's Establishment survey numbers that ended up having analysts call it a "hot jobs report." Here the report doubled the expected number, hitting 500,000.  Oftentimes in the past, and 6 months after the initial report, the numbers get amended for "seasonal adjustments." A quick check on ADP, the largest payroll company in the U.S. for their monthly headcount just for  cross-referencing govern- ment payroll job counts, and we find they've gone silent this Summer, allegedy  updating software (?).   Their reports have been going out  every month two days before the government report for decades, but a simple total of all new payrolls is not available?  All this while the chart on weekly jobless claims continues its accent since April to over 260,000.  Analysts also found a jump in wage earners with two jobs that increased the job count, but certainly not the result of a healthy employment sector (see charts and summaries on these findings).  If manipulation of numbers is not new (see CDC record), then it is conceivable there are easy ways to lower inflation data for July, which has stockholders giddy (or from adjusting stock algorithms to level Giddy-IV- 428pts on DOW) with DOW summary:  Signs that inflation could be peaking followed a better-than-expected employment report last week, easing (sic) concerns about an imminent recession in the world's largest economy.  If just the opposite were true, add into the mix supply chain problems of food and energy and real sky-high inflation.  If there was a plan to eliminate the middle class and small to medium sized companies, this is a good start.   Oh, and why not follow the successes of past 3rd world military juntas and arrest the former President and leader of the opposition party and maybe planting incriminating docs at his residence.  The fiat Dollar note says "In God We Trust" but not "In Government We Trust."




FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 4.55%, DOWN another whopping .56% from July 11th, and lower by .06% from the 06-03-22 report below when Feds announced quantum tightening (QT) to begin the following week. See 

​06-03-2022 below titled THIS JUST ON THE Q.T.: A TITANIC UNDERTAKING? 

Tightening, of course, would invariably push rates higher, as the Feds, instead of buying these mortgage-backed securities, pushing market yields lower, they sell them.  .Come to find that the latest balance sheets show that the Feds bought $18.9billion (from $2.709 as if 6/29/22  to $2.717 trillion (that's  trillion with a T) today (this is a correction in figures posted in 07-01-22 report).  So someone got the call to back off the QT after these rates took off during this latest downward mortgage rate movement.  Then the question is how come 10yr Treasuries dropped in similar fashion, knowing that investors buy these with inflation expectations, and the latest inflation is at least triple the yield of 2.625% treasury note? Something is fishy here, but what isn't in a world of constant media misinformation.  Back in October 2021, Fed Chair Powell said inflation was "transitory."  Here's the same chart he was looking at (see 4 months up to October) since the PCE (personal consumption expenditure index) is the most favored by the Fed.  Janet Yellen stated they didn’t see this inflation coming? What the? after printing trillions upon trillions  of new paper Dollars since COVID fright night curtain opened?

 Feds say don’t say the word “recession” even though 2 consecutive quarters has aways defined a recession, and this inverted yield curve chart tells the long and short of it on every recession since 1979.   Don’t bother noticing the increases listed in today's PCE report here are month-to-month increases, and are "the largest annual increases since 1982."  A 1% monthly increase, if continued for 12 months is 12%. Goods at 1.5% is 18%. but you can't make this stuff up:  stocks rally on Amazon, where consumers are rushing to buy before prices rise again, and Google, a massive marketing service, “projects” higher revenues ahead as "market guidance?" US Stocks Enjoy Best Month of 2022 : "Sentiment further boosted as investor’s fears about the Fed’s aggressive rate-hiking pace waned after the US economy unexpectedly contracted for the second straight quarter (rally on recession evidence?).  On the economic data front, and check this chart out and click on max time period, the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index, improved slightly to 51.5 from the all-time low of 50 hit in June," This bizarre so-called market reaction is similar to stock rally on higher retail sales, but the increase was largely due to much high prices at the gas pump--go figure.  Figure this then: what Federal government agency has been providing accurate “guidance” in fiscal, security, and healthcare services, and international relations that are guiding us to a war?  If algorithms run the global  market

place , who's behind the curtain?  


Back on 03/27/2020, at the outbreak of COVID-19m we called out the media and CDC by titling the article: COMPUTER VIRUS OF A DIFFERENT SORT, and describing "a digital communications spreading panic and fear electronically via TV sets 24/7 throughout the world."  Moneypox could be described as an international disease from the spread of too many Dollars resulting in Moneypox Stagflation. It's genetic symbol is stamped with an eye on top of a pyramid,  and nations are beginning to reject the spread and extinquish it with their own gold-backed currencies.    

Also published in November of 2021 is another connect-the-dot scenario in 3rd column and reprinted here: 

What if there was  a world war and nobody came?  Or more realistically, if it was just outside the purview of the public using asymmetrical warfare tactics that disguise it--so well disguised that financial analysts missed it in their algorithmic projections?  How goes the marketplace if this in fact is happening and discovered in the days or weeks ahead?  If this were a war initiated from within and without, would deceptive strategies show up like military data points on a chalk board, such as a) information warfare that divides and censors the population, b) cyber attacks that cripple computer systems for
communication, and supply line infrastructures of food and energy, c) even including the use of  weather warfare that create drought and massive fires in the West, hurricanes in the East, and floods in between, destroying food crops, poultry and beef production, d) blockage of imported goods, e) sabotage elections around the globe with bribes and coercion, f) massive infiltration of refugees in Europe and the U.S.  of young males of unknown character, g) create a global panic that induces populations to line up for an experimental vaxx with unknown components h) then move to a strategy of a stealth physical assault using bioweapons that come in an injection form that slowly kill off vast amounts of  global populations.  So glad and relieved this is just a war game scenario, much of which is described in a Chinese military manual called  Unrestricted Warfare (1999), and none of this, according to network media, is actually happening

While many can see this in plain sight beyond Tell-A-Vision disinformation, these asymmetrical warfare tactics are definitely not happening according to 95% of today's media press releases. While these tactics are proposed in a Chinese manual, they are employed by global elites (which happen to include CCP).  When only 5 individuals controling the 5 corporations that own mainstream media, it's easy to understand why all networks tell the same story daily, and not surprisingly, these 5 elites are part of this global plutocratic elite generically known as the Global Cabal bent on depopulation and control of the remaining.  Notice media emphasizes unprecedented 1000 year storm events as  "natural," and root cause is always manmade CO2 (thus the need for New World Order control over all energy resources), the reality is yes these are man-made and part of hidden war tactics that can be more devasting than bombs dropping.  in fact, a newly tagged tornado event is being called a bomb cyclone, not to mention dry lightning, a term you won't find in dictionaries of the past.  Over 40,000,000 have viewed the evidence at this website that documents these weather manipulations using HAARP and other technology to steer storm systems. This indeed is war, and for we citizens, the job is to oust all of the puppets in the next election, and they easy to spot: officials supporting mandatory vaccinations, and RINOS who state the 2020 election was fair.  All we see today has been the long-term plans by this Cabal and Bill Cooper saw the plans and predicted them all in his book Behold the Pale Horse written in 1991 and summarized the 2 paths for our future:  “either the most wonderful experience* in the history of man or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine.” 

 *(secret technology that includes 6,000 patents blocked by DoD allegedly for national security concerns)

 Next week, we will publish Rumors And Rumors of Economic War of anonymous intel posts that suggest we are winning this war and some of the steps being taken on the possible coming wild August-September ride of epic proportions, assuming no communication blackouts before then.


See also in 3rd Column 10-18-2021




FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 4.91%, DOWN a whopping .50% from the year's high, reached on 6-14-22 at 5.43%, which was a milestone daily rate not seen since 11-24-2008-- a time period before the economic term  quantitative easing was born, and right before the Great Recession really hit home.  While analysts say that these long-term rate reductions that also aligned with the drop in 10yr Treasury notes resulted from stockholders seeking the "safety" of U.S. denominated debt, other most recent stats from the Federal Reserve tell a different tale.  As reported on 6-03-2022 below, the Fed announced the time had come to end quantitative   easing and introduce a new term, quantitative  tightening.  This plan to begin selling these mortgage-backed securities (MBS) the next business day resulted in rates jumping to these new highs by nearly 1% in just 7 business days! The Fed Balance sheets attached show that market forces had to be subdued.  After selling $10,487 million (ie, $10.5 billion in layman's terms) in MBS by June 22nd and seeing the carnage of nearly 1% mortgage rate rise, The Fed turned around and by June 30th, bought an incredible figure of $396.014 billion, and added $587.9 billion in  U.S. Treasury securities purchases. While those wild figures should be called into question, a look at next week's balance sheet would confirm and show the ending balance increase as of 6-30, not 6-29.  Nevertheless, this about-face and aggressive purchases are what brought interest rates down and shows Fed backpedaling rapidly to their old accommodative ways.  Will stockholders wake up next week and notice this titanic undertaking launched just a month ago just got torpedoed? 



FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 4.61%, down .10% from May's average, as these yields don't tell the full story if the Feds carry out their quantitative tightening beginning Monday. This QE ship set sail back in 2009 with Fed Captain Bernanke at the helm coming up with what first appeared to be an ingenious plan to get a grounded economy running again by fueling it with low interest rates--without the burdens associated with borrowing on the open market or raising taxes to pay for it!  For the first time ever, quantitative easing was launched whereby the Feds would interfere with market forces and buy these mortgage-backed securities to push mortgage rates to all-time lows, and keep them there, buoying the economy not just over rough months but for years. There's only three  problems with that plan: first, the Feds didn't have the money to buy hundreds of billions in these securities on a yearly basis, so the Feds asked the Treasury to print up a boat load of Dollars, and secondly, the plan had no drop dead completion date.  After 13 years of QE, that boat load of debt now weighs $8.9 trillion in Treasury notes and mortgage-backed securities, enough to sink a normal sized boat or put a real drag on the largest  Ship of State in the world.  The Feds know they have to start unloading the bilgewater of debt (drain from the system) or face larger and larger inflation waves on the high seas ahead, fanned by the creation of money out of thin air. And the 3rd problem: who will be buying this debt without an attractive yield?   That's likely what Chase CEO Dimon spotted in his eyepiece on the starboard side,  having similar concerns with a different analogy in mind: "brace yourself--a hurricane" coming. 

But what's really on the Q.T. and could spell r-e-l-i-e-f  from this nauseating sea sickness down the road is found in the two reports below.



FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 4.78%, UP 1/8% from Friday, a rate not seen in these auctions since 04/23/2009, as April daily results drifted up methodically by nearly 1% from March average of 3.75%, and now a full 1% increase with today's results. While the "May Day" alert call traditionally meant that a plane was going down, this may seem an odd call except prices of bonds and these mortgage-backed securities go down when rates rise.  So bondholders, big and small, see their assets shrink in value.  When a country holding these assets, or large institutional investors in charge of client assets see this rapid decline, in all likelihood, managers will decide to sell to stave off further loses.  But who will buy?  In this market, the buyer of last resort has been Uncle Sam, who has to order up a new deck of printed cash from the Treasury to make the purchase (adds a digit in today's world), which drives up the very reason rates are rising: inflation (aka too much cash chasing too few goods, as the latest data in 2nd column report reflects).  The central banks have seen this Cache 22 end game before as it all part of their own fiat Dollar creation.  Their answer is a digital global currency reset, which the  Biden Admin is now studying, one that they still control and no better backing than what the fiat Dollar has, so it's out of the frying pan, into the fire remedy.  Others have a far better idea that clears out the old system and in with a new one, called the Quantum Financial System, much to the chagrin of central banksters  (see 4/01/2022 report below) .



FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 4.13%, backing away from a high of 4.33% reached on Tuesday, which matched 12/17/18 high, but still a 3/4% increase from February average, and 1.5% above December's average.  With the DOW holding steady around 34,700 and some change, the markets act totally oblivious to today's events, which is an indictor these are controlled markets throughout the globe (see Monopoly--Who Owns the world in 10-18-21 report in 3rd column).  Today, the Russians put their money where their mouth is and backed the Ruble with gold. Just two weeks ago, Saudis agreed to accept Chinese yuan for the sale of their oil, and the Yuan will be backed by gold. India plans to buy Russian discounted oil outside of Dollar currency and likely have the Rupee backed by gold or other commodities.  With the Biden Administration proposing a $5.80 trillion budget, at least $1.5 trillion short of revenues, and total debt of a whopping $200 trillion when unfunded liabilities are factored in, countries have had enough of accepting this giant debt manufacturing operation called The Federal Reserve.  As nations reject the Dollar as the world's reserve currency and payment for their goods, only bad things can happen here. If there was a plan to collapse the U.S. economy and living standards, this is it. But wait.  Is there an alternative world ready to replace this old world of corruption and manipulations that will lead to eventual collapse?  Once these control freaks are eliminated (now in process), many outside the control and suppression of new developments say "yes" and it's called the Quantum Financial System, and  now up and running in parallel with the current beat up system.  The Capitol Building is currently shut down, possibly symbolizing the sea change coming.  The Federal Reserve has been rolled into the Treasury, The U.S, Corporation is now defunct, having defaulted in January on the last loan it will receive, and replaced by the Republic of the U.S. and new notes will be issued by The Treasury, backed by gold. Debts of a bankrupt corporation are no more, pension liabilities will be fully funded, and agreements with 209 countries are now in place to move to this new system.  But where is all this gold coming from that backs existing Dollars?  See report of January 1st, 2022 in 3rd column for the clues called : SCRIPT-WRITING TALES OF A 2022 FORECAST/ Curtain Falls/New One Opens

Is this an April Fool's script and report?  Time will tell...



FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 3.26%, .10% below February average, as Wallstreet focuses on the Fed punchbowl spigot, after Chairman Powell says only a minor increase coming of .25% this month.  The DOW rose 541pts to 33,834 on the announcement as the audience applauds this referee's call that continues the scoring drive.  While the games are televised, few have a clue that CGI techniques are being applied, as even short players can dunk the ball with ease.  The Dollar is holding the ball seemingly in control, but the players' guide that charts stats shows  a very weak bench should the Dollar suddenly get weak kneed from too much adrenalin injections (see chart on M-2 money supply growth increase of 40% since 2020).  The Chinese and Russian benches are preparing a gold reserve concoction to strengthen their play in the next round, serving up gold to back their bench of currency, which could leave the Dollar backpedaling in defensive mode, with inflation nipping at every player's heels.  The latest figures might be ok for Wallstreet betting on higher prices, but main street consumers are stuck with it and about to get mugged by radically higher prices for energy, and higher energy costs work their way through goods and services production lines (see energy chart). The CRB index tracks commodity prices overall, and the latest spike is historic according to this chart, albeit 2008 took a very sharp rise much higher before a very sharp fall from a severe recession.  Adding to this unique March  madness is the sudden government seizure of private company assets, not based on any crime committed, but on nationality and/or political support (there are over 300 U.S. companies doing business in Russia by the way).  With this type of policy expanding, no assets are genuinely safe.  As global supply chains continue being disrupted, including food and energy, those prices are ready to hit new heights.  Energy runs the global economic engines, which provides jobs.  Add "Going green" global policies before there's a replacement for fossil fuels will only contribute to stalled growth and fetch $8-$10/gal gasoline in the meantime. The Feds are trapped in that cache 22 world, where raising interest rates makes things even more costly, and create even more shortages.    Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) makes for great entertainment and storytelling but are masking what's really going on.  The markets may wake up Monday with the mask  lifted and charts inked in red due to a whole new outlook.  The only good beyond this madness is that rumors are  a whole new playing field (sans CGI) is coming, and may create that March madness positive excitement of some tangible and real changes, not imagined, and history may just mark March of 2022 as the pivot point on how close we came to relentless madness.  For now, cash is king for all households to weather this March madness. 



FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 3.13%, UP .14% from January's average.  While the market expected 150,000 new jobs, the government says there were over 3 times as many at a whopping 467,000.  Missing by that much is very strange, but stockholders went along with it.  Way stranger still, no one said a bleep about the ADP Report (ADP handles payrolls nationwide for private companies and publishes estimates for many years now). The January figures projected last week estimated a loss of 301,000 private sector jobs in January!  Anything like that would of course put stocks into a tailspin and send us right into  a Black Monday event. Is this still a free market as Adam Smith in his book, Wealth of Nations, described?

"The invisible hand is part of laissez-faire, meaning "let do/let go," approach to the market. In other words, the approach holds that the market will find equilibrium without government or other interventions forcing it into unnatural patterns... 

The invisible hand metaphor distills two critical ideas. First, voluntary trades in a free market produce unintentional and widespread benefits. Second, these benefits are greater than those of a regulated, planned economy. " Investopedia. 

Now meet the hidden hand which magicians also call the slight of hand.   Back in 2011, The Feds estimate of $1.3 trillion to the banks in the form of loans was used to keep Wallstreet running in the  2008-2010 financial taxpayer bailouts, but according to Levy Economics Institute, the total added up to $29 trillion, and much of which went to foreign banks. All this paper fuel eventually leads to the inflation fire starting now. Another sleight of hand is believing the Federal Reserve is an institution owned by our Federal Government, but it is a board that consists of a group of privately owned banks, "investment" banks who trade stocks. The board also requests the Treasury to issue cash/loans to their member banks.  It's great work if you can get it. So stocks, including big bank stocks, rise on Federal job growth estimates that are over 3 times higher than private estimates, .and a 100 mile's distance from that of ADP estimate-- and they have a bridge to sell 100 miles sight unseen away as well. 



FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 2.90%, UP .31% from November and December average levels, as bond melt-down begins.  While it hasn't been a "bond bomb" just yet, there really isn't much to prevent rates from moving higher, as hyper-inflation of 12% (includes food and energy) can't just be wished away by the Feds.  A dive into the stock market values shows only the market kingpins are keeping it afloat, as a rather "massive meltdown is occurring with 40% of Nasdaq companies have had their values cut by 50% or more from their 52-week highs."   There are whispers in the underworld that a whole new system is about to be launched that will make this archaic system of boom/bust cycles, inflation/deflation  and endless money printing obsolete.  More details to come on this when and if they develop.  




FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 2.50%, up a slight .03% from yesterday, even after the Feds announced today  they to begin tapering off purchases of treasuries and this mortgage-backed securities beginning later in the month and the hourly trend monitor above says yields are improving to boot.  Even stockholders seem to applaud this  with DOW up 203pts to 32,327. and S&P hits new highs. This magical mystery move in the credit markets  must have some basis for explanation because it begs the question: who will be stepping in to buy if the Treasury reduces the purchases of it's own  debt creation. Are all those Dollars sloshing around the globe to offset emergencies by unknown creations over last couple of years having to find something, anything to buy since it doesn't pay to save (actually costs to save in in Switzerland and Japan).  In Argentina, you can get a 38% note rate, although you get back less than what you paid since inflation there is running at 52% annually, or a loss of 14% on your investment.  So if real inflation in the U.S. is running 12% (see article below), and you wanted to buy a mortgage-backed security for 2.5%, your loss of 9.50% isn't as bad as Argentina (12%-2.5%= 09.50% loss), but why would you do that, unless you riding on the magical mystery tour bus wearing kaleidoscope glasses.  When phony yields meet funny money created out of thin air, it could be the bomb that didn't go off in October, and rumors are Evergrande really didn't meet their debt obligation in October (see Red October).  For those seeking phenomenal mortgage rates before any bond bomb hits, call us today. 



FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 2.63%, up only 1/4% from Summer's averages,  despite inflation numbers that compare with the late 1970s. Back in 1978, home borrowers didn't know how good they had it if they ended up with a 9.75% 30yr fixed rate mortgage.  That's because rates zoomed up from there by 1% and then 12% and higher.  Today, we have a slight of hand when dealing a deck of inflation data by eliminating food and energy, which put inflation rates up to some 12% and higher back then (see  our 1984 report on these auctions dropping to 13.25% and rat rate schedule back then then).  In those days, the "market rates" were determined by global institutional purchases of these mortgage-backed securities by  money fund managers, and other global governments.  Naturally, if inflation is running 12%, not a soul would be buying 2.625% yielding notes, unless that soul is the Federal Reserve to prop up this seemingly unbelievable bond and securities record low yields.  As the chart shows, real cost of living vs the government's calcs are worlds apart, roughly 5% compared with 12%.  Oh, but Feds say this 5%  is  transitory--yeah, as transitory as government printing money it doesn't have.  So it's clear the public is being bamboozled and something has to give.  The more devaluing the Dollar via printing out of thin air,  the more Dollars it takes to buy the same basket of goods (it's elementary, dear Watson).  Bottlenecks of goods around the globe appear to have little to do with old-fashion supply and demand, and will force the consumer to rethink contingency plans ahead this Winter as prices will be forced even higher on most every product.  Another way to look at it,  when the Federal Reserve  was created in 1913, a $100 back then is now worth less than $3.50, hardly a reason for the Fed Reserve to take a bow, and gives more reason for John Q public to search in vain for things the government is good at --this as protests mount against government incursion into their lives, physical bodies, and wallets.  With Evergrande capsizing in a sea of  Red Chinese debt and bondholders' reassurance relying only on a government  bail out of some $300b in debt, coupled with the drowning of D.C. in red ink this month, will this be the final push over the precipice? Will that fall be cushioned by a whole new global financial system--free of debt and outside the grasp of the old guard?  Will barroom chatter consist of talk of the difference between a sovereign citizen's rights under a new system vs chattel property be on the rise?  Is their symbolism attached to the firs time ever the White House is lit up in red this October?



FNMA wholesale 30yr. fixed-rate mortgage auction results: 2.37% up just a razor's edge from the average of the last 3 months, and stocks take a knee, down 761pts to end the day, as the markets show little sign of the coming of Realville.  A stock analyst said "no need to panic" not once, but twice, when talking about stock moving averages lately, so maybe there's a double meaning to it. Sometimes it's better to say nothing when you want to avoid the world of Realville.  For instance, when a reporter was starting to ask White House spokesperson Psaki for her comments on 900 pages of documents proving Dr. Fauchi lied about his involvement in Wuhan Labs for "gain of function" for a particular V, she "bolted" away from the podium.  The implications, of course, is the entire foundation      on the whys and wherefores of the pandemic and subsequent global medical tyranny of forced injections, is about to crumble.  Oddly, the market doesn't quite get the implications just yet since incredible is defined by Webster's Dictionary as too extraordinary and improbable to be believed . Case in point is 9-11-2001, where video clearly shows the official narrative to be totally false, yet it is still too incredible for many to believe it was an inside job.  Psychologists say that when confronted with Realville, the mind of many  will go into a protective mode to defend a pre-wired perception of one's reality, and this defensive reaction when confronted with Realville is called cognitive dissonance.  Is Realville about to unravel many minds?  When markets get a dose of it, they tend to fall back and ask questions later, and there will be many doses ahead coming from many angles. 


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