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Granted, the stories today tell of a grim future, but the story not told is the closer we get to the bottom, the closer we are to rising to the top from there. So the old economic and social order has to break apart before the new one kicks in; so these advisories, some being facts and some speculation, do have a happy ending.

Take a bus and forget about air travel: it’s in this plan


Some day this new legislation listed below will get revisited and we’ll likely get to dub it Mirror Mirror On The Wall, but for now, the rule listed below  triggers a look see at  all cash transaction on sales above $10 million here in San Diego County over the last year and comes with quite a surprise.  The last page lists how the property was financed, which makes it easy to search.  Surprisingly, 27 out of 36 sales  (75%) totaling nearly ½ billion were all cash transactions.  A guestimate here is that 75% of all sales therefore involved all cash transactions of roughly $352 million.  Even larger numbers happened in 2021.  On $632,779,000, 66% were all cash for rough total of $418 million, totaling $770 million between 2021 and 2022. Title companies, when insuring good title, have to know a good bit of information on all buyers’ identities, so this sounds like feel good legislation putting burden on agents to know their client, instead of officials going directly to the title companies on simple lists like this for further inquiry.  Granted, there are plenty of buyers who made it big legitimately, selling stock interest in the companies they built, etc. which is easily determined.

 Final Rule to Force Reports on Real Estate Owners Coming Soon | GlobeStWe know that corruption’s effects spill across borders,” said Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in a March 2023 speech. “We have seen corrupt foreign officials bury stolen funds in U.S.-based shell companies; kleptocrats launder kickbacks through anonymous purchases of foreign real estate; and elites move corrupt proceeds through complicit or unwitting financial gatekeepers like attorneys or wealth managers.” She further noted, “By one estimate, illicit actors laundered at least $2.3 billion through U.S. real estate between 2015 and 2020. And the real number is almost certainly much higher.”

So read the headlines on San Diego Union Tribune newspaper dated September 16th, 2001, “9-11-2001, The Day That Changed The World.” (See attached). 

(see attached article).   (see attached article)


The change for the world is right around the corner and looks nothing like the chaos of today, which features the threat of plague, famine, and then war (nuke war at that).  Yes, all disasters in the past either started with plague, famine, and then war, or in slightly different orders, but always these three.  What the future should reveal fairly soon is these chaotic events of the past and present were all planned, essentially by the same family group over the past couple centuries, and the theme is constant: out of chaos comes control.  Like a mafia control group, these people have rooted themselves over time in all governments, corporations, religious organizations, and media using bribery and coercion to control behavior.  Those who tried to stop them didn't end up well (aka, JFK who warned about secret societies and the need to blow up certain 3 letter agencies, and back the Dollar with silver).  Since that time, a group generically called the White Hats secretly devised a plan to rid the world of these destructive forces, forming a global alliance over the last decade and called The Earth Alliance. Key member leaders are Trump, Putin, Xi, and Modi of India, along with other unnamed groups.  The plan doesn't work unless the vast majority of the population, here and abroad, supports an overthrow of the controllers who are leading us through their long-term plan of plague, famine, war, resulting in depopulation and complete control. The financial system they plan after systems collapse is called The Great Reset, where, as their New World Order spokesperson Klas Schwab states:  "you will own nothing and be happy." 


The White Hats had to allow these very nefarious people to show how bad they were, allowing us to come to a precipice like we see today, before initiating military response under guidance of COG, Continuity Of Government following a declaration of emergency.  This was done before Trump left office, which turned authority over to the military, until the emergency is formally announced as over by Congress--an illegal gathering of a defunct corporation, by the way, with most operating as puppets of the NWO (easy puppets to spot: those that support mandatory vaccination or RINOs who are silent about a stolen 2020 election).  A key element is knowing that the U.S. Corporation is bankrupt, and debts will be dissolved under the Restored Republic, and called that because the corporation of the U.S. was silently created in 1871 to back central bankster loans following the Civil War.  A clue to what's coming is Trump last week seen standing next to a flag with no stars, presumably awaiting official entry of states into the newly restored system, and these new financial and government systems will carry same theme:   decentralization (devolution), putting the power back into the hands of citizens, and dissolves the secrecy that hides new technology.   But like any major insurrection ousting the worldwide old guard, it's going to get rough before it gets better.   


Policy of no nukes allowed confirmed and enforced by those “other unnamed groups," or so the rumor goes.  Further rumors say that the Starlink satellite network is operated by a quantum computer control system and capable of shooting down any nuclear missile launch.  Back on 9-12-22, a German legislator warned 9-24-2022 will be a day everyone will remember exactly where they were.  On the 24th, social media showed missile defense missiles launched in St. Petersburg.  Was this a Cabal initiated attack on Russia to start WWIII, and taken out by Starlink network defense shield created by the Earth Alliance?  



​There are, and have been for some time, two diametrically opposed realities, as told by mainstream news organizations and alternative news sources.  It's easy to spot the controlled group as they read from the same script daily in their presentations ( ie, pushers of an experimental vaxx for children where zero threat exists).  So similar are they throughout the world would indicate they are receiving instructions of what to call news and commentary from a very centralized platform, while alternative media is completely decentralized, much like the wild, wild West of the 1800s with their decentralized rules governed by small towns, individual reputations at stake, and rule of law enforced by local sheriffs (webmasters in this case).   Ironically, the most trusted media in surveys are the weather reporters, yet not a single one dare mention the word chemtrails (which has obvious to the naked eye over the years) or geo-engineering that could bring rain to the West instead of man-made droughts and 500 year floods.  Open that door and the public starts asking questions.  This all part of the information warfare.  When one looks closely, the news or commentary is usually based on "unnamed sources" or he said, she said flimsy testimony,  or maybe bald-faced lying statements from a compromised individual or group, all of which requires listeners to "discern" what the truth is from there.  So discern this latest rumor mongering news from the alt-media world put out yesterday, and only involves one term:  Shadow Docket. Just 2 days ago,  Trump demanded he either be named President or require new elections immediately due to the fraudulent elections.   From Wikipedia, The shadow docket is the use of emergency orders and summary decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States without oral argument...It is used when the Court believes an applicant will suffer "irreparable harm" if its request is not immediately granted.

Should this happen, the smell of burning rubber meeting the road from opposing forces will likely arise quickly in major cities--but it will also signal the beginning of the end of the road for these global reckless and maniacal drivers that have bankrupted nations, and squandered multi-trillions, and kept hidden over 6000 patents on technologies that will create great abundance from free energy (ie, turning deserts into oasis and farmlands with inexpensive desalination plants throughout places like the Saraha desert), advanced communications, transportation,  medical technology, and total restructuring of taxation and government called devolution.  Another term repeated in alt-media worth reviewing:  Project Bluebeam, and recent calls by Congress to deal with potential threat by UFOs that has "grown exponentially."   Real or imagined? That will require a good bit of discernment should the skies suddenly reveal this age-old technology and Cabal plot to frighten the population into a New World Order.  



All markets, including real estate, and the humans within them, revolve around and are influenced by truths, half-truths, and bald face lies.   Some hide it well, while others, called conspiracy theorists, step out of the mainstream media matrix, having seen these bad actors before that make markets rise and fall, and happy masses turn miserable. The latest stage being set comes from Europe and central banker Lagarde: 

 LISBON, June 29   -- European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde said on Wednesday that the world "will not return to the low-inflation environment" before the COVID-19 pandemic..."There are forces that have been unleashed as a result of the pandemic, and as a result of this major geopolitical shock that we are facing right now, that is going to change the framework and the scenario in which we operate," she said at the ECB annual forum, held in Sintra, west of Lisbon.  Combine that message with Klaus Schwab message, founder of WEF, in his book:  COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET, and an old social-political technique that motivates the masses called problem-reaction-solution.  Create the problem, await public outcry, and then ride in with solutions that enrich the instigators.  With secret meetings galore amongst the global elites, it is not difficult to spin her words that might be heard behind closed doors back in 2018-2019 after COVID-19 was patented, COVID swabs mass produced in China, and Gates Foundation completed their beta test of global deaths from a virus pandemic:  "It is now time to RELEASE THE FORCES and close down the economies of the world for a better future for all of us."  But like George Carlin once joked, "it's a big club and you ain't in it."  Intel sources say the military is making room to house this "big club" on this Independence Day to remember for decades to come.


This "big club" is getting squeezed from all angles as its debt system of skimming off the top of ever-inflated fiat Dollars and global market manipulations are getting challenged.  More and more countries are joining a new trading group called BRICS outside of the G-7 with a gold backed system of national currencies that will not be subject to endless Dollar printing and the inflation and economic calamities it creates, controlled through the international clearing house call the SWIFT system.  Ironically, this was pushed into high gear when NATO forced Russia out of the SWIFT system, along with Western boycotts that will hurt their citizens the most this winter without fuel.  Eventually, as other Western nations see their fiat Dollars slipping away in purchase power, they too would likely join a new global system which many refer to as the Quantum Financial System (quantum= point-to-point instant connection and no wave frequencies, thus eliminating cell towers, wi-fi tracking, cabling, and introducing free energy that would revolutionize the world). The system will give populations full sovereignty and control of their individual assets (sans government, corporation, and social media intervention and spying), and voids the need for income taxes as governments shrink down in a devolutionary pattern, handing control to people at more local levels.  Starlink awaits deactivation of current system in order to deliver this new system. 


All The World is but a Stage Act XIV: Holographic Messaging 

As the curtain rises, smoke-making machines crank up, with holographic images of space craft high above shooting laser-like bolts at cardboard cutouts of city landscape of tall buildings set deep in the background stage.  The audience gasps despite backstage crew setting up cue cards for the audience that read: “artificial smoke and harmless to breath.”  Lights then focus on the edge of the stage to an actor wearing a Klaus Schwab mask standing behind a podium, and in German accent calling for a new world order to battle these invaders. Audience applauses on the technological aspect as the curtain falls, then rises again after a short break. The audience gasps yet again in disbelief as standing before them are President John F Kennedy and his son, JFK Jr. holding Princess Di's hand, all taking bows at thunderous audience applause. Each take turns at the podium to explain their background, why they had disappeared from public view, and what the previous act was all about.  The implications were profound, and the presentations were so surreal it made the faint of heart reel in confusion; but many took these as clues that a massive set of world-changing documents and disclosures would follow in the very next act.  Some actually took notes believing what they heard was more than just a 21st Century version of a Shakespearean play. One notetaker wrote:  “EBS Mt. Weather, secret societies, Illuminati, Kazarian Mafia, Vatican-Buckingham

Palace- D.C. closed, Dracos, GFW, 

planned famine, Gitmo, devolution, how much is a quad trillion , sell stocks in Disney, Walmart, Nickelodeon, Amazon, Duetsche Bank, Blackrock, Vanguard,  pharmaceuticals, hospitals, Alphabet (Google et al), Facebook, smart phone manufacturers, big oil, utilities.   Buy: Ripple, gold, silver, … do search on who making Q phones, QFS, Starlink."

Act XV: Disclosure

Once again, the curtain slowly rises with  four actors dressed in military uniforms sitting behind a 10ft table with name plates suggesting they are generals representing U.S., China, Russia, and India.  Behind them is a large screen lit up with banner that read THE ALLIANCE, but the lights suddenly go out. After seemingly endless delays,  the production manager, flashlight in hand, apologizes and promises the show will go on another day when power is restored.  



This concept of "stakeholder capitalism" was created by the same person and organization that insists you wash your clothes less frequency (see article below), and recently envisioned we plebs owning nothing, and we will be happy.  While the concept of corporations looking at more than just the bottom line, but also consequences of their actions, is a good one, it's a far more important matter of who's running the show, controlling the rules of the game.  In a plutocracy, elites controlling corporations govern and run the show, similar to what is happening now in less than covert fashion: social media banning alternative news, censoring political thought and leaders, even the President of the U.S., mainstream news outlets getting their daily script from up high on the elite global corporate ladder (where the truth is very likely found running in the opposite direction of the scripts), corporate owned banks freezing assets of government protesters and their sympathizers. and corporations following illegal government mandates like experimental forced vaxx. Here we have governments around the world holding hands with pharmaceutical corporations, an industry reaping billions of Dollars a day that sought to hide vaxx experimental morbidity test results for the next 75 years from public view. The list gets very long when you include bribed and/or coerced government officials, who you could call corrupt "stakeholders" in corporate capitalism.  There's merit to the concept, and will be highly touted by the elites, but the controlling elites are who to beware.



Ask any college student what the main emphasis is in school these days and no doubt it’s called sustainability.  In order to improve life and the planet, they are taught of the need to limit consumption, expect less, limit population, and now as proposed by the World Economic Forum, even limit how often to wash your clothes each week.  This goes back to political science and economics professors all professing these similar themes in The Population Bomb in the ‘70s which predicted world starvation by 2000. Next stop proposal is a credit card that enables tracking of ‘carbon footprint on every purchase’ and freezing the account.  All government policies are driven on this need to sustain, and not to grow, but all that can change with access to new technologies, access being thwarted by old technology owners.  Zero-point free energy systems like cold fusion promise the elimination of the fossil fuel power plant and replaced by a box generator in your own backyard and small enough to fit in the trunk of your car-- and only heavy water required to fuel it in a10yr cycle (so sorry for fossil fuel industry, and utility companies no longer needed, and  globalists seeking control of energy use via worn out climate change legislation).  Cheap energy creates abundance at low prices, as energy costs run through every level of production of goods and services.  Population density is eliminated as vast swaths of deserts convert to arable lands (ie Sahara Desert is the size of continental U.S.) as would bleak desert stretches in the U.S. receive desalinated water pumped for thousands of miles on the cheap.  Recycling of waste would take on a whole new meaning as technology already exists that breaks down material to its molecular structure, but not economically feasible due to the high cost of energy that is required.  Need to get from point A to point B in a hurry?  While Space Force is cruising around in TR-3s, the future commercialization of anti-gravity craft would make George Jetson envious, as San Diegans could visit Grandma in NY in 5 (that's 5 minutes not hours-see June 4th, 2019, article below titled: SIMPLY REVOLUTIONARY: PATENT BEYOND PENDING).  So, this is the 4th Industrial Revolution rolling in and over the globalists with their version of the next industrial revolution involving depopulation (that scarcity thing is always on their minds) and transhuman biological control where "you will own nothing and will be happy." These are just a few of the secret technologies hidden by the elite few as over 6,000 patents are currently withheld from the public.  Technology can be used for good or evil, and nanotechnology is a great example.  While James Bond-type mad scientists engineer vaccine injections with nanobot devices for mind control, the father of nanotechnology, K. Eric Drexler, says in his book called Radical Abundance that this type of atomic precise manufacturing will revolutionize the way we make things. So, the first step to make the abundance theory a reality is the final victory in a heretofore unseen global war-- a war to wrestle away global government tyranny and economic control from these nefarious 20th Century owners of the by-products of the 3rd Industrial Revolution, and before they finish their form of industrial revolution--one injection at a time. 

All The World is but a Stage Act XIII:

The Staging Is Set: Callin' a Kettle Black In Ukraine?  No doubt a nuclear exchange with Russia is one industry advisory not necessary to relate its effect on the real estate industry.  Cooler heads should prevail if enough recognize that it is the U.S. acting way out of line defending a border halfway around the world and the corrupt government there, and totally neglecting its own with millions flowing through, and some with nefarious 

 intent.  An analogous scenario would be that Russia came to the rescue of a corrupt government in Mexico as the U.S. military sweeps through the northern borders of Mexico to clear out the Mexican Cartels involved with child and drug trafficking where U.S. fentanyl deaths doubled last year, mass killings of innocent Mexicans, and vicious MS-6 gangs infiltrating, One problem Russia doesn't have are the  hundreds of thousands of illegal foreign immigrant men of military age running through a very porous border,  all permitted by a corrupt Mexican government and their allies.  

January 1st, 2022

SCRIPT-WRITING TALES OF A 2022 FORECAST/ Curtain Falls/New One Opens

All The World is but a Stage Act XII: For Whom The Bell Tolls?

The 2022 stage is set.  Many in the audience can’t wait for it to be over and sense with rumors of war, this may be the final act, and the curtain will fall--but on whom?  Wait, as the marque says this a double matinee with a new show following this aging script.   Back stage, many actors don their masks, hiding who they really are. Some good, but many are bad. The bad ones act like they’re the good ones, fooling many in the audience who act like they have not seen this play before.  Who writes the scripts, they wonder?  As Mark Twain once said, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes, so much of the themes of this aging script and a new one in 2022 do involve history, but much of it hidden away in centuries-old vaults.  The cast of characters will finally be unmasked and try to take a bow, but many will get the hook, and be drug off the stage, while others get standing ovations and will return to perform in the next show.   While the new script is supposed to be a secret, performers and stage hands backstage talk amongst themselves about the real source of this new script, allegedly discovered in these old vaults in Rome that tell both a terrible tale of centuries torture and enslavement, followed by possible relief and a joyous ending.  Who knew, they ask, that the manuscripts out of these vaults would reveal the forces controlling the world right up to 2020, and would be unmasked and vilified, and dragged from the stage in 2022? Further into the script shows, that with the bad actors removed, maps lead to massive hidden wealth and technologies-- much of the wealth begotten by corruption and obtained through the many wars these antagonists instituted.  Many in the audience holding voucher certificates that bet things will continue as is will first be stunned and run to the exits, leaving vouchers behind.  Those with a clearer head will wait for the ending, and be happy they did.  

Antagonist: "For whom the bell tolls?  It tolls for thee…It’s the END of the world!” (Audience gasps)

Protagonist:“No dummy.  It’s the END of you!”  (Audience applauds. Curtain drops)    

What if there was  a world war and nobody came?  Or more realistically, if it was just outside the purview of the public using asymmetrical warfare tactics that disguise it--so well disguised that financial analysts missed it in their algorithmic projections?  How goes the marketplace if this in fact is happening and discovered in the days or weeks ahead?  If this were a war initiated from within and without, would deceptive strategies show up like military data points on a chalk board,  such as a) information warfare that divides and censors the population, b) cyber attacks that cripple computer systems for
communication, and supply line infrastructures of food and energy, c) even including the use of  weather warfare that create drought and massive fires in the West, hurricanes in the East, and floods in between, destroying food crops, poultry and beef production, d) blockage of imported goods, e) sabotage  elections around the globe with bribes and coercion, f) massive infiltration of refugees in Europe and the U.S.  of young males of unknown character, g) create a global panic that induces populations to line up for an experimental vaxx with unknown components h) then move to a strategy of a stealth physical assault using bioweapons that come in an injection form that slowly kill off vast amounts of  global populations.  So glad and relieved this is just a war game scenario, much of which is described in a Chinese military manual called  Unrestricted Warfare (1999), and none of this, according to network media, is actually happening. 
Futurists are offering two similar but totally different worlds, and the decisions to be made are coming very soon with nothing in between. Plan A offers guarantees of security and a base monthly allowance to survive on.  Essentially, it comes under the banner of equity for all and called The Global Reset. This is not to be confused with equal opportunity for all as that motto has been discarded.  Instead, the principle relies on  government and world's richest elites --(see MONOPOLY – Who owns the world video?  or a condensed version, Know Thy Enemy), controlling all as a global plutocracy--  with  a handful of elites controlling the means of production and distribution and allegedly split into equal parts to the population at large. For starters, there will be no single family homes as apartment units are distributed equally based on size of household, which in turn, will be dictated by government  Already, the Federal government is dictating to local governments what can and cannot be built in their communities, and the movement afoot is to allow multi-family units in single family zoned areas (see July 10, 2020 article below). Ultimately one of the elite creators of this plan , Klaus Schwab, summed it up.  By 2030, "you will own nothing and be happy." Transhumanism is part of their agenda, promising you will be smarter with nano robotic implants allowing access to the internet of things.  Problem there it is a two way street and the system has access to your brain and functions.  And then there is Plan B, part of which has already begun, and will revolutionize existing structures of centralized control (generically called devolution) and produce new freedom as sovereign people, not chattel property under the old system, localized government functions, secret technologies unveiled, creating  prosperity the world over.  But the first step is clearing out the old guard  who have been in control for centuries, which could get somewhat messy, but all John Q. Public has to do  for now is just stay alert and say No to the old guard and their suppressive moves. 



With recent government mandates for  forced vaccinations that are clearly documented to kill or maim (VAERS reports over 12,000 deaths and 14,000 permanent injuries as 7-30-21--click here for latest figures,  and some estimate around 50,000 or more because the system is voluntary reporting), this all happening even when the cure rate from the virus symptoms since the beginning of the so-called pandemic  stands at 99.5- to 99.98% depending on age and immunity system.  Bottom line is death from COVID-19 is no greater than a bad season of the flu.  In fact, John Hopkins study of 48,000 cases recently found that there were zero deaths from COVID-19 for healthy children and simple solutions like HCQ cure it, yet government vaccine mandates are being announced for teachers and public workers. This despite international laws that go back to Nuremberg in the '40s that require "knowledgeable" consent. Mask mandates are back even though CDC said they were ineffective over a year ago.  Biologists say this isn't a vaccine but actually more like a biological operating system. This main street (as opposed to Wall Street) fear is showing up in latest consumer confidence report, suddenly plunging to the lowest level of 04/2020 with the COVID initial scare.  Just days ago,  Wall Street analysts were honing in  on key questions like: will it keep rising amid COVID variant rise? While that might be a legitimate question if a variant could actually be identified, or even COVID-19 itself, but the CDC admitted recently their PCR tests can't even differentiate between a cold or flu, or COVID-19, nor has the actual virus ever been isolated in the lab. Ask any lab technician if they can run a computer test for a specific antigen/virus when they don't have the sample, called the Standard, and the answer is " no." 


Believe it or not, Australians are facing their 5th quarantine and it's all about saving lives, or is it? The W.H.O. lists 948 deaths from COVID-19 in all of Australia since the beginning of the virus--and who knows, those could be all pneumonia deaths. In comparison, there were 3,300 Ausie deaths from accidental falls in 2020.  This just in:  "An Australian man says he was forcibly imprisoned in a mental asylum for having a “different opinion” on COVID."    So you think that Australian case can’t happen here and we nowhere near this precipice? It already has by way of Executive Order #83 signed by the Tennessee Governor, and no doubt will be duplicated in Blue states like California shortly.  In this Executive Order just signed they mix in a COVID emergency to address over-crowding, and includes mentally disturbed individuals.  This order suspends professional licenses and allows students to fill the needs, like ambulance drivers (Gestapo vans in Nazi days?). #7 section covers recruitment to cope with emergencies due to alleged overcrowding of care facilities (this a re-run of last year network news footage of phony lines of people in front of hospital only to find the next morning an empty lobby, and fake “temporary morgue” snapshot by NBC found to be taken out of a movie scene, to cold trucks awaiting to carry away all the bodies, without any bodies. Crisis actors wearing doctor and nurses uniforms—fool me once, you say? #8 Utilize the National Guard to implement compliance. #14 Authorize telephone assessment for involuntary commitment cases (see Australia story above).  #18 Construction temporary facilities for these involuntary commitment cases. Now is this not a throwback to Nazi separation of families and internment camps?  They already have FEMA camps built years ago and open and ready for business. The evolution of this line of   thinking goes back to eugenics and belief in the evolution of natural (or in this case, manmade) selection of superior groups.   That massive media green screen Wall Street and many others see as their background showing gently rolling pastures  disguises the fact they too are standing on a precipice.  In reality,  there's been a war against the peoples of the U.S. and other nation states for decades, a covert war that first stripped away manufacturing base, that created large trade deficits and dependencies on places like China . This asymmetrical warfare now being waged now becomes visible as cyber warfare on energy and supply chains of food and equipment, hyper-printing of currency that leads to hyperinflation, control of the flow of information, of energy, health, water and foodstuffs, large border intrusions, monitoring individual movements by requiring autos to be equipped with monitors (in the pending Federal legislation) creating policies identifying political opponents as potential domestic terrorists--and therefore mentally unstable,  and even weather modification systems (see HAARP) that destroy food crops with floods and droughts, and fires (see DEWs that incinerate buildings and leave green trees standing in their wake, and melted car wind shields requiring twice the heat of a wild fire) , massive election fraud to destabilize and control governmental bodies, and now a bio-weapon to disable the global population. Unlike a conventional war or revolution, this is an insurrection, and an expanded covert global war launched with infiltration from within each country. People in high and  influential places in each country and institutions are bribed and coerced. When some kid yells "the Emperor has no clothes..and he’s not even the ruler," or some such dream awakening moment, what happens when the markets come to and find themselves standing at a precipice with the media green screen of gentle rolling pastures removed, and staring down a 3,000 foot drop? It might just be that Black Monday moment of jumping back in fear. But John Q. sees a different picture: nothing but blue skies ahead as a Leftist tyrannical regime gets pushed down into the abyss. 

 "Devolution" is a system and the guiding hand behind this push down the abyss: under continuity of government rules established in 1988, E.O. 12656  a national security threat can trigger this for the military to take appropriate action.  In generic terms, it is also can involve decentralized transfer of power and decision-making to regional and local governments and likely becomes the talk of town halls in the future.  As a new system is borne, replacing the Petro Dollar with a gold-backed "Treasury Note" (swapping out the Federal Reserve Note Dollar for Dollar, and involves a totally decentralized  digital currency controlled  by the individual owner). Once order is restored,  the markets will fall right into that Gate # 3 ride option described below.  The first sign of the switch-over to this QFS is a momentary internet shut down to link the thousands of Star-Link satellites creating a whole new financial system that $freezes$ out all bad actor infiltrators around the world, and introduces revolutionary technology that uplifts the global population. Now that all seems quite a dream, but  indications are that this paradigm shift is right around the corner.  


Apparently we've come a long way from working in a coal mine (and the song that describes the agony) and now talking about mining digital coins.  A computer mouse is the substitute for a pick axe and shovel.   Yes, it's a lot of work--but all done by the seat of your pants in front of a computer terminal with as many breaks as you want.  A digital miner isn't thinking about shoveling coal, but more like gold. His/her job is to basically  audit a block of data, called a block chain (1MB in size), to make sure there are no duplicate coins being sold, with the prospect of earning over $400,000 when doing a number of these, but only if you are the first to complete the task of guessing what the new block chain number would be and necessarily a number less than existing block chain numbers.  With millions of potential miners and only one winner guessing the closest number to a 64 digit number, the need for a large excavator is necessary.  In the computerized world, that's a machine that might cost $10,000 to compute number strings very rapidly.  Old fashion  panning for gold seems a more attractive alternative.  The hallmark of this massive audit system by individuals is not what the global controllers of currency like to see happen as one can imagine.

The downside is that these coins are only as valuable as what the next person will pay for it, as there is no tangible asset attached to it.  Don't look now but a new system backed by precious metals is about to sweep the world--but won't materialize until all systems are a go. For now, look to the stars, or more specifically, Starlink.  


The future is now: block chain securitized digital coins in real estate transactions.  While bit-coin and its many cousins have no real tangible asset basis other than what you can sell to the next bidder, there’s a new version on the digital coin currency backed by real assets.  Now recall chain letters back in the 80’s with the promise of many checks coming to you if you will send a check to a few above you, and you’ll get multitudes sending you money below you, depending on your position in the chain letter. If you fail to send, you ruin that portion of the chain.  Being one of the first on this inverted pyramid definitely beats being the last—and also considered illegal (the only legal pyramid scheme currently operating is called Social Security, where receipt ants are dependent on contributions from the many below—whose numbers unfortunately are smaller than the current receipt ants).  The first asset-backed block chain digital coin will now be on display and backed by the assets of a mixed-use condo/commercial project in Miami. Imagine for a moment if tax rules of the game on capital gains disappeared involving the buying and selling digital coins of any sort—just an account that either grows or shrinks in value.  You sell it and decide which new coin you want.  Like a money-market account where you park your Dollars today, instead you park them into another asset-back digital coin called the U.S. Treasury Note backed by gold, where you use it to pay your bills and purchase your daily needs. This coin can also be converted to any nation’s asset-backed digital coin-- the value of that nation’s coin being dependent on GDP and population.  Yes, population is an asset, but it is largely measured by the productivity of the population (ie, populations just sitting on their duff collecting government digital coins without producing anything of value would translate to a coin worth less over time).  This new system on the drawing boards is dubbed Quantum Financial System (QFS) and the main hallmarks are that a) it has the smarts (quantum computing) that can root out bad money in circulation and only accept and convert legally earned domestic and foreign currencies of each person (illegal assets are seized and redistributed) and b) all accounts are individually controlled by the holder without government or other bureaucratic involvement.  This cuts out a huge layer of middle-men handlers, who historically have done a very poor job of handling other people’s money, raising and lowering interest rates, manipulating markets, and printing endless notes that erode in value (these days, the Feds can just add a decimal point to expand money supply).  This is far different from the financial reset plans of the globalists who would control the digital currency.  Some say this QFS is far beyond a conceptual level and running parallel with existing monetary systems, ready to be activated on a global scale when the legalities and conditions are ripe. 


Future Real Estate add in 2033:  Looking for new space, but not interested in an exploratory trip to Mars? This is one of many planned unit developments (see disclaimer*) called Oasis Gardens springing up down under in downtown Lower Manhattan project (and we do mean “down under”).  Escape the hustle and bustle and go to new depths with us.  Featuring a perfected climate controlled environment full of miles and miles of rivers, and lakes, and valleys and streams, and beautiful sunsets, together with a variety of simulated cityscapes like Venice, Italy where gondolas roam and take you  through unique venues like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and finest of Italian restaurants.  Have an appointment in our Los Angeles business center? You need only 40 minutes travel time from NYC as we link our underground rail system that travels on a cushion of air and in a vacuum that allows speeds up to 1000 mph.  A similar electro-magnet air cushion ride also takes you up and away shopping along the old Park and 5th Ave venues, and returns you effortlessly 5 miles beneath ground level to your unit.  

*(These are reconditioned deep underground military bases, aka D.U.M.B.s. with decommissioning  process having started in 2021.  All efforts have been made to remove munitions and weapons, but we cannot guarantee this).

Outside the news of the day flows potential news of tomorrow that would affect the real estate industry and the world at large, so it will be interesting if these terms floating around now on the internet become mainstream  news in the future.  Already discussed but now in mainstream news are recent  confirmations by U.S. Navy  officials that the videos of UFOs are authentic and taken by military personnel.  Combine that with our report below  on   
June 4th, 2019 titled: SIMPLY REVOLUTIONARY: PATENT BEYOND PENDING where the Navy filed a patent on an anti-gravity aircraft, it doesn't take much imagination to recognize that we are in a transforming set of events.  The only question is who is doing the piloting.  Many say the triangular ones, called TR-3s,are ours, and the design sketch matches that in the Navy patent link U.S. patent #10,144,532 B2  dated December 4th, 2018 so still some info being held back, but what a way to cut commuting time as these crafts are estimated to travel from New York to Europe in 8 minutes.  This futuristic term has not yet made it to Wikipedia just yet but on the lips of many who hope for cures of things that ail them, including  missing limbs.  This technology, called Med Beds, is claimed to be part of the secret technology hidden, just like Tesla's free energy device, and  part of major disclosures coming down the road.  Imagine the impact of free energy, transforming huge deserts (Sahara the size of continental U.S.) into arable land as desalination plants deliver potable water on the cheap across continents.  Microwave technology that reduces trash to it's original molecular form for recycling is now available but totally non-functional due to high energy costs.  Geo-political terms to watch for in the near future  are "interregnum." Try this one on for size:  "quintrillion" which skips right over quadrillion but only a few whisper this set of trillions as a measure of global assets.  It's size is analogous to dividing it up and giving  over $1,000,000 to every man, woman, and child on the planet.   Terms like " sovereign individual" vs "chattel" could be common talk that follows terms like  The Republic of the United States vs United States of America.  While all these terms  fit in a folder called  "future scenarios,"  their application would amount to an epic transformational change the likes of which  the world has never seen.  
October 31st, 2020 
While mainstream media continues to read duplicated scripts sent from high above, and censoring scripts of others, there's a look of  calm in the tell-a-vision news rooms  that masks the uncertainty of whose really in control, and who is going down with the ship.  Exactly which ship is what keeps those nightmares alive.  But like two giant bull goats squaring off for a major headbutt, a political clash heard around the world is in the making and will shape the world's  future.
Tiz the season of the witch.  But this season conjures up nightmares like never before. With a rare Blue Moon rising, no spell this large has ever been cast, as millions upon millions of masked zombies slowly make their way down the streets of America, all chanting: "to the the polls."  Others peer out their windows, scratching collective heads, wondering what's gotten into these people, who they no longer recognize. Maybe they recognize the walk, and the calling, but since 2016, they have shaken off the spells cast by leaders who sought "ignorant and compliant citizens."  The forces of the dark are powerful, and gain further strength from collective spells  made this Eve when all witches form that 9th Circle, and offer human sacrifice to their demon god in return for fortunes, but the light forces have gathered in far greater strength to battle and eliminate these low vibrational energies that zap humans of their will and consciousness.  The battle lines are  now drawn and is called the Great Awakening, where the light of knowledge promises to transform the world to higher levels, freed of the conspiracies of silence that hid the evil for decades upon decades.  Exciting times are ahead after the battles that lie ahead, and will usher in secret technologies hidden by these demons who seek domination over mankind--employing human puppets we all recognize.  Though they try to hide underground, just like blood sucking vampires, the light of dawn is coming after  November 4th and melting them away.
September 9th, 2020
Commercial business and buildings shuttered, life savings for small and mid-sized business depleted, unemployment benefits squeezed, schools shutdown, keeping working parents without options,  and all because  a deadly pandemic is sweeping the nation, or so it is said.  Record New Cases is the typical daily  headline, but read between the headlines and they now testing for "corona virus" antibodies that can be triggered by the common cold or flu.  Far more encouraging is a chart straight from CDC website that  shows death count from COVID is hitting pre-COVID levels.    While  John Q Public is forced to wear a mask that ignores the scientific fact that the best masks only stop bacteria, which is 10 times larger than a  virus (analogous to a basketball passing through a hula hook), the big picture numbers are found in the total deaths from all sources.  In 2020 thru 9-4 *, CDC gives a total of 1,894,4477 (divided by 8.3= 228,246/mo.). Yet CDC records state  there were 2,813,503 total deaths in 2017 (divided by 12=  234,458/mo.).  At the current 2020 pace,  the U.S. is  going to come in short on  "all deaths" for the full year compared with 2017 by about 24,000.  And they call that a deadly pandemic?  Medical historical charts will show this a small blip on the screen, but the economic fallout will be a large one as many will have no jobs to return to., and no money to pay rent or mortgages.
*(Note CDC figures updated weekly, so will show increases but still running behind 2017 averages). 
July 11th, 2020
What's the most destructive force in real estate, bar none, coming to your neighborhood right after the elections?  No, its not roving gangs of rioters and looters (necessarily), but it is a force that  was conceived  and grown in a laboratory-like think tank where distant planners thousands of miles away we'll  call the RAD conceived of the ideal way you should live, the environment you should live in, disguised as being in the interest of  fair play and for the betterment of  citizens the world over.  But the deeper one digs, it is more about centralized government control of  populations, and it only takes a few signatures to put the plan to work.  In the Obama Administration, it laid dormant as the AFFH, or Affirmatively Further Fair Housing. awaiting the inauguration of the next President in 2016.  The plan would effectively sweep away suburban living and plant Section 8 apartments near your doorstep , no matter where you live, or what your local zoning laws allow.  Now toss in open borders, and all citizens of the world  unfairly discriminated by U.S. citizens on where they choose to live, (Washington DC and surrounding areas of course exempt) and you get the picture.   If you like this plan, you will love Agenda 21, a non-binding resolution by the U.N.  also sitting dormant awaiting approval of  the right mix of politicians to approve U.N. control of  U.S. planning.  One look at the map and you will find in the future plans that we''ve all vacated California and somehow were encouraged to move to high densities, packed into the  East .  Like comedian George Carlin once joked about this global force, "its a big club and you ain't in it."  AFFH is now part of the official policy platform of a very large  and formerly traditional party , and party members with  a D in front of their names on a ballot, but there is nothing traditional now about this party  Try a better name  to remember when heading to the polls like RAD,  The Radical Agenda  Driven Party--  definitely  not a party of your parents, that's for sure. 
May 24th, 2020
What once was required reading in high school, these two books are gathering several decades of dust on them.  Summary from Sparknotes:  "Like George Orwell’s 1984, this novel (Brave New World) depicts a dystopia in which an all-powerful state controls the behaviors and actions of its people in order to preserve its own stability and power. But a major difference between the two is that, whereas in 1984 control is maintained by constant government surveillance, secret police, and torture, power in Brave New World is maintained through technological interventions that start before birth and last until death, and that actually change what people want. The government of 1984 maintains power through force and intimidation. The government of Brave New World retains control by making its citizens so happy and superficially fulfilled that they don’t care about their personal freedom. In Brave New World the consequences of state control are a loss of dignity, morals, values, and emotions—in short, a loss of humanity."
June 4th, 2019
Try to imagine an invention that would totally change the landscape of real estate and literally every industry on Planet Earth, and the people that inhabit it.  This U.S. Navy patent would do just that. Technically, it is U.S. patent #10,144,532 B2 and dated December 4th, 2018, and titled  CRAFT USING AN INERTIAL MASS REDUCTION DEVICE.  Simply put, an anti-gravity craft, which alters the gravity waves around the craft, allowing for incredible speed which can take travelers from New York to Europe in 8 minutes, and you don't have to sit down since G-forces are eliminated. It allegedly also works underwater at great speeds and in space.  While many report sightings of these triangular shaped vehicles flying about,  the caveat is that a patent does not mean the invention is operational, so dream on George Jetson commuters. Zoom around internet search engines for more articles and click here for patent.




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